Community Economic Development and Not-for-Profit Organizations

What is Community Economic Development?

Community Economic Development (CED) is local community action that provides economic opportunities and improves social conditions in a sustainable way. It is a community-based process that combines social and economic development to foster the economic, social, ecological, and cultural well-being of communities.

The Haliburton County Development Corporation is committed to increasing community capacity through community economic development.

HCDC and Community Economic Development

HCDC believes that building and maintaining a strong foundation for the community and supporting the growth and development of economic sectors that are compatible with a healthy natural environment will support community economic development and increase permanent employment in Haliburton County.

At HCDC we believe that a strong foundation for the community includes:

  • A skilled and knowledgeable workforce;
  • A healthy natural environment;
  • Accessible services;
  • Opportunities for healthy, active living;
  • Engaged citizens and volunteer leadership;
  • Appropriate infrastructure;
  • Good channels for communication and planning

HCDC works with community groups, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, other government agencies and the private sector to strengthen this foundation and to support community economic development in Haliburton County.

Give us a call

We are always pleased to talk with community members about ideas and opportunities to see how we can be of assistance. This may be through providing information, letting you know about resources, connecting you with other groups in the community involved in similar activities or reviewing opportunities for funding.

HCDC has identified the following priorites for Community Economic Development:

  • Identify opportunities and support new initiatives in business and community development that have strong potential for creating sustainable jobs and attracting young professionals to Haliburton County.
  • Encourage and support innovation, diversification and sustainability for new and existing businesses.
  • Support research that has the potential of leading to the development of innovative projects.
  • Work closely with post-secondary institutions on the development of initiatives that will increase the number of students engaged in studies in the County and will provide the infrastructure required to support this growth.
  • Support the development of partnerships and initiatives that animate the cultural life of the community. 
  • Support collaborative efforts of stewardship and environmental organizations to ensure the health of Haliburton County’s lakes, forests, and ecosystems.
  • Support the development of opportunities for healthy, active living that contribute to the quality of life.
  • Investigate opportunities and support initiatives that will attract investment and partners to create a mix of housing in designated settlement areas.
  • Support Haliburton County and community partners with initiatives that promote and develop tourism opportunities in the areas of outdoor adventure, arts and culture and food and culinary tourism.  

Funding for CED initiatives

 The HCDC is able to give financial support to non-profits for a number of CED initiatives each year through the Local Initiative Program.