Highways to Fairways

Bent Nose Media received Business Planning funding to hire a consultant to introduce Highways to Fairways TV concept to major distributors within the television industry and to gain knowledge of production, advertising, media buyers, public relations and gain ongoing recommendations for company growth.

The funding allowed Bent Nose Media to establish a relationship with Kevin Shea (Former CEO of G

lobal, Bell and YTV) who introduced the Highways to Fairways reality show concept to major distributor

s within the television industry as well as introduce Bent Nose to heads of major media companies such as Astral Communications, CBC, and Shaw Global.

Season 1 is 13 episodes and now airing on 5 major Canadian networks every Saturday.

Check out this interview that aired on CHEX Newswatch which includes an interview with HCDC director Andrew Hodgson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7tTMkUJHbs

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