Haliburton Creative Business Incubator
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Haliburton School of The Arts

Fleming College's Haliburton School of the Arts offers a variety of courses in continuing education that can assist business owners and not-for-profit operators.

Haliburton School of The Arts is well-known for its 15-week intensive, in-studio certificates and its extensive summer programming. The dramatic architecture of wood, glass and steel lets artists create their work in natural light. The campus is also home to environmental education, such as the unique Sustainable Building Design and Construction program, which shows students hands-on how to build a community structure from the ground up using sustainable materials and methods. Haliburton School of the Arts increasingly offers digital media courses which has lead to increased attraction and employment opportunties within the community. 

Haliburton's local community draws on the campus for a wide-ranging variety of continuing education courses as well as academic upgrading.

For more information on the Haliburton School of the Arts, click here.