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Vibrant Community

With an abundance of clean air, caring communities and a spirit of enterprise, we are truly the "Heart of the Highlands". Bordering on the south of Algonquin Park, we are Ontario’s premier playground in every season of the year.

The United Townships of Dysart, Guilford, Dudley and Harburn were incorporated on January 7, 1867 and the first by-law was passed on July 13, 1867. Since then we have grown and today we encompass an area of 1,473.87 square kilometers. Today, we are known as the Municipality of Dysart et al.

Within the Municipality there is the Village of Haliburton as well as the hamlets of Donald, Eagle Lake, Fort Irwin, Harcourt and West Guilford that offer a range of retail services and products.

The village of Haliburton is hopping, every month of the year.  A variety of good eating choices, live music and entertainment, sports in every season and special events that are taking place virtually every weekend.  It’s been said that “if you're bored in Haliburton then you’ve only got yourself to blame”.  Our streams of visitors are astounded at the choice and calibre of entertainment and lifestyle opportunities in the county.

Tourism and forestry are the main industries, with a growing maple syrup production industry. Driven by high demand from a growing population and a never ending flow of visitors, the retail and service sectors are expanding and updating to meet the needs of its permanent and seasonal residents.

Check out the Innovate Haliburton, created by Sticks and Stones:

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