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Youth Entrepreneurship

The Haliburton Creative Business Incubator recognizes that due to the limited availibility of employment opportunities, youth entrepreneurship is a growing trend in Ontario. We understand the importance of guiding young entrepreneurs in the development of small business ventures, to increase their opportunities for success. Haliburton County Development Corporation, Sticks and Stones Productions and the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator provide a vital resource for youth in the community, looking to start, expand and grow their business venture.

Sticks and Stones Small Business Development Program:

The Sticks and Stones Small Business Development Program provides local youth and adults with the resources necessary to create a small business venture in the field of digital media. From reviewing business plans to guidance on specific licenses and permits, Sticks and Stones specialized business consultants provide one-on-one mentorship to help plan, grow and expand your business venture. The Sticks and Stones business development program will also provide the business ventures with access to equipment and technical support as well as advice from professionals in digital media industry. To get involved or for more information about the Sticks and Stones Small Business Development Program, email info@sticksandstones.com  

Summer Company Progam:

The Sticks and Stones Productions and the Haliburton Creative Incubator currently is mentoring four local youth run businesses that are supported by the Ontario Summer Company Program. The Summer Company Program allows highshool and post-secondary students to start a business venture throughout the summer. The grant program provides $1500 to cover intial start-up costs and another $1500 upon complete of the program. Throughout the summer the students will write a formal business plan, experience face-to-face marketing and recieve bi-weekly mentorship from business professionals. For more information about the Ontario Summer Company Program, visit: http://www.ontario.ca/business-and-economy/start-summer-company-students 


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