Nonprofit Webinar Series

Presented by the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI), this webinar series (with Q&A) will help you get the most out of your Board and staff while growing and sustaining your impact.

The cost for each webinar is $40, or the full series is $150.

Webinar recordings will be available for viewing online as often as you like until March 31, 2020. 

Click here to register.


Nov. 13:  Creating & Maintaining a Vibrant, Focused Nonprofit Board - Part 1 – The Big Stuff

  • After working with hundreds of Boards, here are David's 7 Ingredients to creating a truly powerful, governance Board
  • 10 day-to-day rules to live by.

Nov. 20:  Creating & Maintaining a Vibrant, Focused Nonprofit Board - Part 2 – The Details

  • "Un-suck” Board meetings with a new, easy-to-use agenda format, engaging starts, middles and endings.
  • Finding, choosing and on-boarding board members effectively.

Nov. 27: Leading – Part 1: How to Lead Your Stars, Steadies, Stragglers & “Toxics”

  • Defining each group.
  • How to specifically lead each group.

Dec. 4: Leading – Part 2: Creating & Maintaining a Thriving Workplace

  • After working with hundreds of organizations, here are David’s 7 Must-Haves.
  • Engaging ways to Performance Manage & Succession Planning.

Dec. 11: Risk Management: Confidently Manage Nonprofit Risk    

  • Risk 101 – Top 10 principles regardless of the size of your organization.
  • Risk 201 – Critical legal concepts & 5 steps to manage legal liability.
  • 13 questions to email your insurance broker each year