Funding for Food Processors

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership offers grants of up to 50% (25% to a maximum of $200,000 for equipment) towards increasing the sustainability, competitiveness and prosperity of Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food sector.

Eligible companies include food, pet-food and beverage processors, equipment and technology manufacturers, ornamentals (flowers, shrubs), agricultural-based supplements and bio-products processors, as well as other entities involved in the transformation of agricultural commodities and products.

Funding is offered for the following project categories*:

  1. Productivity Improvements:25% up to $200,000 to purchase technology to increase labour productivity
  2. Business Assessments:50% up to $15,000 for any start-up or scaling-up processing business that wants to identify or determine feasibility of growth and opportunities by analyzing trends, access to capital and business structure.
  3. Business Plans:35% up to $15,000 for established and new businesses for plans to increase or improve financial sustainability, address growth needs and opportunities, and define concrete next steps.
  4. Marketing Plans:35% up to $25,000 for established processors
  5. New Process or Product Development: 35% up to $75,000 for consultants and equipment to satisfy a new demand
  6. ERP System Implementation:35% up to $100,000
  7. Food Safety and Traceability Pre-Audit, Gap Assessment and Planning:45% up to $3,000 for companies with 100 or less employees
  8. Food Safety and Traceability System Improvements: 50% up to $75,000. For processors with 100 or less employees
  9. Food Safety and Traceability Training45% up to $1,500 for companies with 100 or less employees.
  10. Food Safetyand Traceability Equipment: 35% up to $10,000 for companies with 100 or less employees
  11. Ingredient Efficiency and Waste Reduction:25% up to $75,000 for technology that has been adopted by less than 20% of the Ontario sector
  12. Labour productivity Plans:50% up to $25,000
  13. Domestic Market Development:35% up to $50,000 for increasing Canadian market
  14. International Market Development:35% up to $75,000
  15. Technology to Reduce Plant Pest Contamination and Risk:35% up to $100,000
  16. Preventing Introduction and Spread of Pests through Isolation, Sanitation and Controlling Work Flow:35% up to $50,000

Costs incurred before receiving approval are ineligible for reimbursement (note: it typically takes roughly 3 months for a decision to be made). Applicants must operate in Ontario and be able to demonstrate potential annual income of at least $30,000 within three years of applying. Funding may not be used to promote Ontario products over those of other provinces/territories. A maximum of two applications may be submitted per intake. Next intake deadline is November 26, 2019.

*Please note that the information included in this bulletin reflects past intakes. Project categories, funding amounts and other program details will be confirmed November 4.   

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