Bell Let's Talk Day

Bell Let's Talk Day reminds us that "talking is the best way to start breaking down the barriers associated with mental illness."

In our community, we have already been talked about mental health, but we want to know more. By learning more about mental health, we can take steps to help ourselves and others improve mental health and reduce the risk and stigma of mental illness. 

One in five Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life.
- Canadian Institute of Health Research

Mental health involves finding a balance in all aspects of life including: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Good mental health is the willingness to think about and deal with everyday challenges. These could involve:

  • making choices and decisions
  • adapting to and coping with difficult situations
  • talking about one's needs and desires
  • maintaining meaningful relationships

Remember that everyone has good and bad days, with or without mental illness. 

Just as our lives and circumstances continually change, so do our moods and thoughts, and our sense of well-being. We all feel sad, worries, scared, or suspicious sometimes. But these kinds of feelings may become a problem if they get in the way of our daily lives over a long period. When there are changes in a person's thinking, mood or behaviour, and these changes cause a lot of distress and make it difficult to do daily tasks, that person may have a mental illness. 

Stigma is...

  • Negative attitudes (prejudice) + negative responses (discrimination) = stigma
  • Stigma means thinking less of a person because of his or her condition
  • Stigma can make a person feel unwanted and shamed

Let's end the stigma today and talk about mental illness. In our community, in our families, in our workplaces. 

For a toolkit to join in the conversation click here.

National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Standard is a set of guidelines, tools and resources focused on promoting employees' psychological health and preventing psychological harm due to workplace factors. 

Click here to download information.