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Creating a business plan is an important step to ensuring the success of a business. A well-thought out projection and plan will help shape your business and build the resilience needed to understand potential risks before they prove to be a threat. A business plan can be used as a management tool and should anticipate changes in the marketplace, measure the impacts these changes could have on the business, identify risks and formulate contigency plans. Not only will a business plan strengthen your business for the future, it will give prospective lenders or investors the means to determine whether your company is a good risk or a suitable investment.

Bring your business plan to HCDC and we will review it with you to help ensure it is prepared in a way that will make it effective as a continuing strategic business tool.

If you are interested in writing a business plan for a new or existing business, there are different documents below that offer step-by-step guidance through the business planning process.


Click here for a video describing the process of putting together a business plan.