Eastern Ontario Development Program


HCDC is accepting applications for EODP Funding for Businesses, Sole Proprietors and Not-For-Profit Organizations through Business Development and Community Innovation.

Activities must be completed between April 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018. 

  • Pre-Proposal Deadline - Can be submitted at any time
  • Full Proposal Deadline - Once you have received the go ahead from HCDC staff

Please see below to access the Guidelines and Applications.

FedDev Ontario is collaborating with Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in Eastern Ontario and the Eastern Ontario CFDC Network Inc, to promote the growth of new and existing businesses in rural communities through the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP).  The EODP funds projects in two streams; business development and community innovation.  Each stream has the same overall principals.  Guidelines, funding criteria and eligibility vary slightly for each steam.

The Eastern Ontario Development Program supports initiatives which:

  • Promote the growth of new & existing businesses;
  • Advance community-led economic development to enhance and diversify our local economy;
  • Create new, sustainable jobs in Haliburton County.

Through EODP, HCDC will focus on:

  • Existing businesses focused on market expansion and innovation that will create new sustainable jobs;
  • New innovative businesses that will create new sustainable jobs;
  • Research and development that has a strong potential for creation of new products and services;
  • Collaborative efforts to undertake broad initiatives with a strong potential of leading to new business opportunities and new wealth in the community;
  • Business sectors where there is a strong potential for growth.

Funding Criteria:

  • This is a five year program, started in 2014;
  • A project can be for one year or multi-year; All projects must be complete by December 31 2018
  • EODP will contribute up to 50% of the cost of a project with a maximum contribution of $100,000;
  • Applicants must contribute at least 50% in cash to each project.
 AcceptEligible Expenses     decline Ineligible Expenses
  • Labour
  • Expertise
  • Non-capital expenses
  • Captial expenses except for construction of new buildings
  • Renovations which contribute to the generation of additional revenue, creation of new jobs or support the development of new products or services.
  •  Development of basic websites
  • Core operating expenses
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Construction of new buildings
  • Renovations that don't contribute to the generation of additional revenue, creation of new jobs, or support the development of new products or services.

Please call us to ensure you are applying to the appropriate stream for you project: 








   Business Development  Community Innovation
Application deadlines    
Pre-proposal submit any time  submit any time
Full proposal once pre-proposal has been approved once pre-proposal has been approved
Program components
  • Planning
  • Research & Development
  • Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Research
  • New Development
  • Collaborative Initiatives
  • Business Development
  • Growing, developing, expanding, creating, new and exisiting businesses
  • Community Economic Development
  • Collaborative projects to create new business opportunities and jobs in the community
Eligibile recipients
  • Commercial enterprises including: sole proprietors, corporations, social enterprises, partnerships, co-operatives, or trusts;
  • Organizations representing the interest of business (on behalf of a number of businesses)
  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • Municipalities;
  • Commercial enterprises;
  • Aboriginal organizations; 
  • Post-secondary institutions.
 Guidelines  Business Development EODP guidelines (PDF)   Community Innovation EODP guidelines (PDF)
Application forms    



Full applicatio


Budget worksheet



Tips for completing your EODP application

Claim forms for Approved Projects:

Guidelines for Expenses 

Expense claim form    

Mileage form    

Wages form