Rural Innovation Initiative Eastern Ontario



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Rural Innovation Initiative Eastern Ontario (RIIEO), made possible with funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), supports the transition and growth of SMEs (small and medium enterprises), manufacturers and communities into the new rural economy, driving direct investments by private companies in innovation to produce aggregate local and regional effects.
This includes investment in new or next generation equipment, technology, products and processes that lead to business growth, access to new markets, and job creation.
Supported projects will strengthen competitiveness, and lead to productivity, business growth, process innovation, new market access, creation and retention of employment opportunities, the re-skilling of the industrial workforce, incremental sales, and increased profitability, and as a result, diversify and transform our local communities and economy.

What is Innovation?
Innovation generates value through the successful creation and commercialization of:

  • a new product or service
  • the application of a new process
  • the adoption of new technologies, models, structures or methodologies,
  • access to new markets
  • implementation of new ways to collaborate and communicate

It is focused on making businesses, organizations and communities more adaptive, effective, profitable, and sustainable by creating new wealth, new jobs and contributing to economic advancement and the industries of the future.

Disruptive Technologies
From cloud computing and lithium ion batteries to 3D printing and containerization, find out more about the technologies that have done the most to shape the internet era. 
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